Guard'N Grow - A Must-Have for Organic Gardening

Guard'N Grow - A Must-Have for Organic Gardening

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This is one of our best selling water purification products.  It connects directly to your hose and filters out the following:

  • Chlorine - this prevents the killing off of beneficial micro-organisms in your soil.
  • Reduces Chloramines (more harmful than Chlorine) to below harmful levels in the soil.

Other Benefits of the Guard'N Grow:

  • Lasts for 8,000 minutes of watering before replacing the unit.
  • Reduction in water usage by more than 25% because the system reduces water surface tension causing the water to travel better to the root system of your plants/grass.
  • Installs in less than a minute!
  • Grows healthier, more vibrant vegetables without the need for over-fertilizing. 
  • Other customers also use this to fill up their hot tubs to have purified water as a fresh start.