Aquafer Water Source Conditioner
Aquafer Water Source Conditioner

Aquafer Water Source Conditioner

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A Patented Water Treatment Solution

The Aquafer water conditioner uses an exclusive, patented anti-scaling system that can be built for any size home or business.

This environmentally friendly solution uses a catalytic/magnetic process and a special media to transform your water (hardness effects minimized, chlorine reduced to harmless ions, lead, chromium and other heavy metals reduced to undetectable levels).

***This size Aquafer is for a home 2200 square feet or smaller, please call us directly at 760-734-5787.***

Benefits of the Aquafer

In addition to the time-saving (and cost-saving) advantages of never having to purchase salt, chemicals or replacement filters, the Aquafer water conditioner offers these benefits as well:

  • Eliminates hard water scale on your pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Improves plant growth by delivering “wetter” water
  • Reduces bathtub rings
  • Prevents the growth of microbial contaminants
  • Makes your soap and detergents last longer